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Need a stick? Need a Rock? Well, you've come to the right place. SticksAndRocks.Com carries hand-selected sticks and rocks direct from the hills of Western Massachusetts. Didn't know Massachusetts had hills? Well we do - and they're very hilly. This place is actually known as the Berkshires and we're located on the Massachusetts / New York border. Did you know that that hills of the Berkshires used to make up the foothills of a mountain range bigger than the rockies? That was until a mile of ice scraped it off as the ice receded during the last ice age.

Maybe that's what caused us to have such magic sticks and rocks around here? Yes, we have lots of trees around here and trees make sticks. Brown sticks and white sticks. We've got them all over. Now you can have some of our sticks and rocks too!

The SticksAndRocks.Com Facility

Our facility is located in a secret and very private location on an 8 acre hilltop. Do not attempt to visit the SticksAndRocks.Com facility as there are lots of sticks and rocks lying around. You are likely to trip and hurt yourself. Besides, our 24/7 security team has been instructed to maintain perimiter security at all costs. We employ night vision equipment, unmanned aerial drones, heat sensors, booby traps and other high-tech methods of maintaining control of our facility.

About Our Sticks and Rocks

All of our sticks and rocks are guaranteed to be real. When you buy from us, you can rest easy knowing that you have purchased a stick that came from a tree and/or a rock that came from the Earth. If you discover that your rock has originated from a planet other than Earth, or that a stick you have purchased has come from something other than a tree or a bush, just return it for an exchange or refund.

Types of Sticks and Rocks

Frankly, we don't have a clue as to what types of sticks and rocks we carry. The pictures will have to do the talking. We can tell you that for the most part, the rocks are hard - and the sticks will break if you bend them too far. Try to refrain from over-bending your sticks.

Sticks and Rocks Safety

Safety is something we all must be concerned with in our daily lives. Just because sticks and rocks come from all-natural sources, does not mean they cannot be dangerous if used irresponsibly! Here are useful tips for safe handling of your sticks and rocks.

Stick Safety Tips

1) Do not run with a stick - you could put out an eye!
2) Do not point a stick at someone else. It may be considered hostile and could invite retaliation in self-defense.
3) Do not sharpen your sticks - that's dangerous!
4) Sticks are flammable. Don't display near an open flame.
5) Dogs enjoy sticks. Do not display your favorite sticks in places accessible by dogs.

Rock Safety Tips

1) Don't toss rocks at others. It is considered impolite and may injure them.
2) Rocks can become hot if placed in a fire. Do not handle hot rocks with your bare hands.
3) If you live in a glass house, don't throw them -- at all!


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